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Nillkin go tw004 TWS Bluetooth headset

Nillkin go tw004 wireless headset Listen? Don't listen? Listen to who? Who is loud? Who's to be quiet? Who should be quiet? How to listen to yourself? Ear choice: nillkin go tw004 wireless headset, using high-pass V5.0 wireless solution, aptx high-specification audio decoding, combined with CVC call noise reduction, 6mm large unit, high-quality music hidden in the ear, truly reproduce the music that music artists want people to hear. Ergonomic design, mini appearance, 5.6g lightweight, carrying 13h + 4 times of total battery life, ipx5 waterproof and sweat proof, long wearing without tired feeling, let you "sound" freedom, in the noisy crowd, enjoy high-quality music, feel the shock of various music singing scene!
From $66.26

Nillkin go TWS Bluetooth headset

Nillkin go TWS Bluetooth headset Nillkin go TWS Bluetooth headset adopts loda 5.0 Bluetooth solution, MEMS digital microphone, DSP noise reduction algorithm, 8mm large unit, good sound and clear conversation. Ergonomic design, 5g light, equipped with 5 H + 5 times of total battery life, ipx5 waterproof and sweat proof, long wearing without tired feeling, so that you can exercise freely, no matter rainy or sunny, you can listen to it if you want, and you should have fun when you are young!
From $42.44

Nillkin Lead K2 special capacitance pen for iPad

Creative lead iPad special capacitance pen, perfect integration of pencil and intelligent control technology, global anti false touch, can write small words, sensitive and accurate, writing smoothly, no delay. It can be used by pressing the switch, which is simple and convenient without Bluetooth. The pen head has strong conductivity, and can write smoothly regardless of signature or painting, restoring the real writing experience. Comfortable pencil grip, super long endurance, intelligent sleep, humanized new experience.
From $35.25

Nillkin Ledong outdoor Bluetooth speaker

Nillkin music wireless speaker Take your music, travel together, young wild heart, wanton jump Optional, Bluetooth, high definition, long-term protection, Bluetooth, wireless protection, 4.0, long-term protection. Available colors: black, red, blue, green
From $24.65

Nillkin mirage II wireless desk lamp Bluetooth speaker integrated

Nillkin phantom II wireless desk lamp speaker You control the sound and brightness In the fast-paced city life, you can see people in a hurry to work from nine to five. When night falls, when you see the lights on, you will inevitably feel a sense of returning home. In addition to lighting, lighting can also bring people a warm feeling, just like the family you care about, so the warm home is always inseparable from the harmonious lighting. So we hope to have such a product to meet the inner needs, relieve the pressure of life, and add a warm home, no matter in the bedroom or study, it will eventually play a beautifying function. After a careful selection and design, we welcome our phantom series MC4 wireless desk lamp speaker.
From $48.16

Nillkin slow City MC1 wireless charging Bluetooth speaker

New product information white Slow City MC1 wireless charging Bluetooth speaker Product Code: 96707 Product color: white Product category: Bluetooth speaker Gross weight: 1.56kg Net weight: 1.23kg Package size: 265 * 240 * 145mm Product size: 230 * 204 * 103mm Details display Nillkin slow City MC1 wireless charging Bluetooth speaker Meet slow city and find beauty The sound of slow city sound, amazing slow time; pursuit of the original texture of music, pursuit of the original appearance of life. Meet slow City, one click play to open slow wonderful city life, pressure and emotion with the music flow release, maybe still busy, but no longer blind. Let life return to its original nature and enjoy freedom, balance and contentment. Product specification: Transmission range: = 10m power input: AC100-240V 50 / 60Hz DC 18V 2A Speaker power: 2 * 10W Bluetooth: Bluetooth CSR 4.0 + DSP USB charging output: 5V / 2A audio format: apt-X wav ape FLAC MP3 WMA Wireless charging output: 5V / 1A speaker specification: 52mm (8 O 10W) * 2 Diaphragm specification: 50mm * 2 playback mode: aux in, Bluetooth Microphone: 1 color: Piano white Functions: Bluetooth play, connect / hang up, wireless charging, LCD time display, alarm clock, aux audio input, DSP, apt-X, NFC pairing, USB charging.
From $83.13