Nillkin mirage II wireless desk lamp Bluetooth speaker integrated

Nillkin phantom II wireless desk lamp speaker You control the sound and brightness In the fast-paced city life, you can see people in a hurry to work from nine to five. When night falls, when you see the lights on, you will inevitably feel a sense of returning home. In addition to lighting, lighting can also bring people a warm feeling, just like the family you care about, so the warm home is always inseparable from the harmonious lighting. So we hope to have such a product to meet the inner needs, relieve the pressure of life, and add a warm home, no matter in the bedroom or study, it will eventually play a beautifying function. After a careful selection and design, we welcome our phantom series MC4 wireless desk lamp speaker.
Manufacturer: Nillkin
SKU: BS2012250001
Delivery date: 5-7 days


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