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Apple iPhone 12 12Pro Fiber Shield Series Case - Black

The use of advanced carbon fiber materials, tough and wear-resistant, excellent process quality. Just soft, delicate feel, thin as a net, as thin as a net, strong as steel.
From $6.93

Apple iPhone 11 Pro Max lustrous series reflective protective cover

Nillkin luster holographic gradual reflective shell The hologram is changeable and dazzling The shell is made of five kinds of materials. The frame is environment-friendly and flexible TPU, supplemented by imported PC bottom shell. It is rigid and flexible, and double reinforced. It is not easy to bend, load and unload, and does not scratch the mobile phone. The shell surface is pasted with high-grade PU leather, with reflective glass beads, and the exterior decoration is finely woven polyester mesh. It is simple and regular geometric pattern in ordinary light, with low profile and shape. The combination of reflective technology and reflective glass beads technology, in different light refraction wash, make the mobile phone more cool, not dazzling at short distance, more dazzling at long distance. Multi color reflective tone, with the change of light and angle, there is a completely different magical light feeling, like a dream. At the same time, the polyester mesh pattern is more eye-catching under the background of reflective fabric, implicit and not losing publicity.
From $4.71

Apple iPhone 11 Pro Max YiWen series mobile phone case

Nillkin Yiwen mobile phone case Yiwen series is a mixture of retro, fashion, leisure and other elements to create a dazzling new trend of cloth with Fanxiang. It is not only implicit but also publicized, but also maintains the harmonious aesthetic feeling in vision. The fashionable reflective pattern decoration is simple and regular geometric patterns in the light of ordinary days. It is low-key and has high visibility at night. It is also equipped with fashion lines to become an eye-catching personalized shape at night and show the trend of the future. The shell is made of soft and hard coating technology, the frame is environment-friendly and flexible TPU, supplemented by imported PC bottom shell, rigid and flexible, double reinforcement, bending is not easy to fold, loading and unloading is easy, and does not scratch the mobile phone. The shell surface is made of polymer waterproof and splash fiber material, which is tough and wear-resistant, antiskid, water-proof and anti fingerprint.
From $4.71

Apple iPhone 12/12 Pro Matte Shield Pro case

Matte shield Pro protective shell, using PC TPU dual material, soft and hard beer process, protective upgrade
From $4.91

Nillkin Apple iPhone 11 pro max black hawk series mobile phone protective shell

Nillkin Black Hawk mobile phone case The powerful and cool camouflage shape gives people the strong spirit of strong wind and strong force. It has a strong body with concave and convex. It looks like the cavalry guard of mobile phone. It is full of dynamic charm and cool black. It inherits and sublimates the essence of vigorous, unruly and brave tough man. TPU + PC material is selected, and the tablet process is integrated into injection molding, which is tough and wear-resistant; the cover is made of high-quality PU leather + camouflage pattern fabric, waterproof splash cloth art, and equipped with four corner hemming, it has military style domineering, anti falling and shock absorption protection, and is safe from water splashing. Anti slip texture on the side makes outdoor activities more leisurely.
From $5.98

Nillkin Apple iPhone 11 Pro Max black mirror phone case

Nillkin black mirror series mobile phone case Black mirror series, derived from the attitude of fashion and life, a variety of classic, fashion and protection elements collide to achieve a unique urban style. Lens sliding cover design, to protect the camera, prevent scratches, but also to prevent peeping, privacy protection, privacy leakage. The new PC material is environment-friendly and tasteless, which is tough and wear-resistant; the advanced technology sprays the hand feeling oil, and the touch is delicate and soft, which can prevent fingerprint, oil stain and sweat, and give you a fresh and comfortable hand feeling. The one-piece shape closely fits the mobile phone, making the hand feel closer to the real machine, and at the same time, it is smooth and smooth, which can better protect the mobile phone; the fashionable classic texture design, four corner binding, no fear of collision, and lasting hard style.
From $4.14